Eutech PLUS

Eutech Ion 6+


pH / ORP / Ion / Temperature
The Eutech Ion 6+ is value-for-money, offering measurements for pH, ORP, temperature and ion concentration. With its compact and sturdy design, the lightweight meter is your ideal choice for field and lab work.



Eutech pH 6+; Eutech pH 5+

pH / ORP / Temperature


Eutech’s pH 6+ and pH 5+ offer you the greatest value-for-money for yourbasic pH measurement needs. Rugged and user-friendly, these no-frill meters come with protective IP54 rubber boots for protection against harsh field elements.



Eutech COND 6+; Eutech TDS 6+

Conductivity / Temperature ; Total Dissolved Solids / Temperature


Sturdy and economical, the Eutech COND 6+ and Eutech TDS 6+ combine ease-of-use with high performance. The handy meters are IP54 splashproof and come with a conductivity/TDS electrode with automatic temperature compensation function – great for fieldwork and value-for-money!



Eutech Salt 6+

Salinity / Temperature


The lightweight Eutech Salt 6+ offers ±1 % full scale accuracy and comes with an electrode designed with in-built automatic temperature compensation function – handy, accurate and very user-friendly.



Eutech DO 6+

Dissolved Oxygen / Temperature


Eutech’s DO 6+ offers high performance at an affordable price. Rugged and user-friendly, this no-frills meter comes in a sturdy IP54-rated housing, and measures in both mg/L (ppm) and % saturation.





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