EyeTech 3D Laser Probe

EyeTech Laser Probe



Accurate particle size information of a particle system is collected by in-situ measurements under process conditions, thus eliminating sampling and dilution errors. The EyeTech Laser Probenulls 3D ORM Fingerprint Sensor Technology was developed for insitu use. The unique advantage of the 30 Optical back-Reflection Measurement Technology lies in the large dynamic range of the instrument that is obtained by a patented dynamic focus which travels horizontally and radially through the sample.


As the laser focal point travels and rotates through the process it interacts with the particles in its path. The back-reflection pulses that are generated through this interaction are collected by a photo detector in the instrument and evaluated by the software. Particles and droplets which are outside of the focus, are excluded from the statistical collector through the patented optics, ruling out coincidence errors in samples with a dispersed-phase concentration of up to 40 vol.%.


The innovative EyeTech Laser Probe attains a technical measuring isolation of densely packed particles In high concentrations, wlthout spatially removing them from each other (through dilution or ultrasound-dispersing).



Installation Examples




Data presentation

Particle size data is evaluated in real-time by the EyeTech software. Measurement results can be presented In number dlstrlbution, volume distribution, and trend graphs. The Fingerprint graph provides a complete evaluation of the samplenulls size characterlstlcs, and a Fingerprint overlay of different measurement results makes batch data comparison effortless. All data can be exported to Excel for further evaluation.























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