EyeTech Video Probe

 Image Analysis of Particles and Droplets


Conventlonal partlcle size technologies are based on the assumptlon that particles are close to spherical in shape. Both the scientic community and the industry have long recognized the fact that two-dimensional shape information is essential for the true characterization of non-spherical particles and aggregates. With the rapid advances in computer technology over the last decade, many have now been able to make the step to online particle shape monitoring by using the EyeTech Vldeo Probe. Online shape monltorlng enables the accurate sizing of fibers and cylinders, and gives greater insight in flowability and crystalization processes.


The Eyetech Video Probe provides the following additional data about a process:

                    elongation relationship

                    relationship between concavity and sphericity

                    proportion of crystallity

                    angularity or abrasion of the crystalline structure

                    evaluation of satellite structures, notches, grooves, holes etc.

                    evaluation of broken particles and pellets



The Eyetech Video Probes in-situ sensor captures optimal particle images from the provess. The sensor consists of a CCD camera and a light source that provides illumination. As particles flow through the measurement plane of the camera grey-level images are captured. The images are analyzed by pre-processing software which rehects particle data that does not meet a pre-defined grey-level threshold. This ensures that out of focus particles are not included in the distribution results. The Eyetech Video Probe can be fitted with back or front illumination. In most applications front illuination provides the clearest images. But for imaging highly concentrated or transparant samples, back illumination is often more suitable.



Eyetech Video Probe Features


-real time size and shape analysis results enable real time adjustments to the process analysis of single particles ensures high resolution and accuracy

-continuous in-situ monitoring of crystallization processes.

-User defined analysis intervals

-Results are analyzed according to ISO 99166 standard.

-Results can be presented in accordance with industry recognized sieving standards for weighing fractions such as DIN, ISO, BS and ASTM sieving standards

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