EyeTech MicroScopy

EyeTech Microscopy Analysis Package


The EyeTech Microscopy Analysis Package is a complete solution for dry powder analysis using existing microscopes. The EyeTech Microscopy is an add-on package for existing microscope. It contains the PD-10 Powder Disperser, the EyeTech Image Analysis software and the necessary computer hardware.

The preparation of dry powders for microscopic analysis is a challenging task. In the absence of a standardized procedure, microscopists tend to develop their own, product-specific methods. The challenges in dry powder slide preparation are to obtain a uniformly dispersed mono-layer of particles and to avoid particle clusters, whilst maintaining the structure of fragile primary particles. With the Ankersmid PD-10, a standard method for uniform dry powder dispersion on microscopic slides has become available. Moreover, the tedious and time-consuming task of manually selecting and counting particles by staring through a microscope is now automated with Ankersmid Eyetech image analysis software.




Microscopic analysis of the prepared slides can be performed using the powerful Ankersmid Eyetech image analysis software. With the Eyetech software, the particle size and shape factors of thousands of particles is automatically measured in a matter of minutes. Measurement methods are set-up and performed using intuitive wizards, following incorporated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).




The Ankersmid EyeTech image analysis software includes automatic procedures for contrast enhancement, image filters, morphology operations and grouping which are readily incorporated in the SOP. Procedures for automatic saving of images, movies and re-processing of previously stored images or measurements are available. Calibration procedures for multiple lenses are implemented.




21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Database

Access to system configuration, calibration, measurement set-up is managed through a multiple user level database ensuring 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. The results are stored in the database and custom statistical reports for all size and shape parameters can be generated. Over 40 size and shape related parameters are included among which: Equivalent Diameter, Min/Max Diameter, Ferret Diameters, Aspect Ratio, Shape Factor, Specific Length/Width. Results aredisplayed in both graphical and tabular format; statistical means for particle size distributions are calculated.




The Eyetech Microscopy is an additional tool for microscopy, it contains everything required to perform fast, accurate and reproducible microscopic inspection of dry powders. The Eyetech Microscopy  packages includes:

-         PD-10 Dry Powder Disperser

-         ACU, Ankersmid Control Unit

-        CCD Camera

-        Eyetech Image Analysis Software (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)

-        Microsoft Windows XP

-        Microsoft Office 2003







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