Kruss Automatic Polarimeter P8000

The A.KRÜSS Optronic polarimeter is characterized by excellent measurement speed over the whole range. The advantage for the user: spot-on and reliable accuracy. A special measuring method provides continuously calculated analytical results at a measuring time down to one second! Additional benefits include the easy-to-use touch screen and a clearly-arranged readout of all important measuring data. USB and RS232 interface as well as many setting options support comprehensive data-tracking.


  • Manual and automatic digitally-operated instruments with
     high resolution
  • Reliable, rugged and easy to operate
  • Reduced measuring time to 1 second irrespective of angle
  • Comfortable touch-screen operation
  • Sample-specific programs can be generated
  • Built-in peltier thermostat optional, no water-bath
  • Ideal for individual and permanent 
  • Low noise


Pharmaceutical Industry 

  • Monitoring of chemical processes 
  • Purity control
  • Regulation of concentration

Chemical Industry

  • Purity control
  • Regulation of concentrations
  • Analysis of optically active components (qualitative und quantitative)
  • Control of configuration changes
  • Monitoring of chemical processes

Sugar Industry

  • Quality control of intermediate- and end-products
  • Control of fructose and glucose

Food Industry

  • Control of concentration
  • Purity control
  • Quality control
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