The MINIChem is a traditional on-line analyzer, being able to perform both titration and standard addition measurements in a single unit.  Like all the other NEXTChem product lines the MINIChem can either analyze the sample with or without dilution depending on the sample concentration.


MINIChem Plus

The MINIChem Plus is an extension of the MINIChem.  It supports more analysis and has more analog outputs than the traditional MINIChems. 


Basic OMNIChem

The Basic OMNIChem is more than a traditional on-line analyzer.  It combines the capabilities of the MINIChem with process control.  In addition, the Basic OMNIChem can support more sample streams and more analysis than the MINIChem series.


Advanced OMNIChem

The Advanced OMNIChem is the most capable of all the NEXTChem products.  Like the Basic OMNIChem, not only can it perform the measurements but it has process control capabilities as well.  The Advanced OMNIChem comes with a customizable slot allowing users to bring in even more I/Os.  Ethernet is also a standard on all Advanced units.


MINIChem Series Process Analyzers

The MINIChem process analyzer can perform a limited amount of process control and chemical measurements. Its sample system can be designed for either automated dilution or very dirty sample streams. All NEXTChem analyzers are designed to operate FILTER-FREE; this type of sampling INCREASES RELIABILITY and DECREASES MAINTENANCE. This sample system makes it possible to  collect samples containing <6 mm particles.

Two types of measurement methods are used for almost all NEXTChem analyzers: titration and (ion selective) standard addition. Both types of measurement methods can be used on all NEXTChem analyzers making each type of analyzer extremely flexible.

All NEXTChem analyzers utilize modern electronics. Modbus is a standard feature of all analyzers. Ethernet and a GSM/SMS modem are also available.





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