Ross Ultra Premium pH Electrodes

Superior stability, measurement speed, accuracy, and reproducibility under temperature variation.


The combination of benefits in the ROSS Ultra and ROSS lines cannot be found in any other pH electrode line. Before you make your next buying decision, consider these advantages. The premium ROSS Ultra line contains six combination pH electrode styles and a half-cell reference electrode. ROSS Ultra electrodes are built upon unmatched ROSS technology and offer such great stability and drift improvements that the warranty period has been doubled!


These refillable electrodes have a two year replacement warranty. ROSS Ultra stability over time has been optimized to give less long term drift, ensuring more accuracy and less time recalibrating. The non-metallic, double -junction reference system offers benefits over the calomel and silver reference in both performance and electrode disposal issues. The liquid-liquid equilibration occurs almost instantaneously, saving time plus ensuring accurate results. Complex, delicate samples, such as biological media, foods and pharmaceuticals, can be measured with ease. ROSS technology allows these electrodes to be used where metallic reference electrodes would contaminate the sample, require excessive cleaning to perform correctly, or potentially destroy the electrode in a short time.


All ROSS Ultra electrodes can be used in samples that contain TRIS, sulfides or proteins. ROSS Ultra electrodes accommodate a change in filling solution for samples sensitive to potassium or chloride ions. ROSS Ultra offers the best temperature performance of all other electrodes in repeated, varying temperatures.


The speed and flexibility of the ROSS

Ultra pH electrode allows us to switch

easily between testing salt water and

fresh water

New England Aquarium

The Best of the Best!!



Cat. No. Recommended Accessories

810001 ROSS Storage Solution

810007 ROSS Fill Solution

910199 All-in-One pH Buffer Kit


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