The technical cornerstones of Sentron are the solid state chip technology and the encapsulation. The marriage of these technologies has enabled the development of miniature chemical sensor devices, based on the Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) and micro pressure sensors, based on the piezo-resistive properties of silicon.






SENTRON’s IntelliProbes bring non-glass pH probes to standard glass electrode pH meters, giving faster, safer and more reliable measurements. These high-tech Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) pH probes replace fragile glass electrodes with sturdy silicon sensors. The IntelliProbe series pH probes are virtually unbreakable, lightning fast and can be stored dry. The clog-resistant sensing area is easily cleaned using a simple toothbrush and requires minimal routine maintenance.


The IntelliProbes combine all developments in non-glass ISFET pH sensor technology with state-of-the-art sensor signal processing. The electronics are safely embedded in the probe and powered by a long-life replaceable battery. Intelligent signal processing converts the ISFET and temperature signals to perfectly match the glass pH electrode signal at the measurement temperature. This allows accurate, fast and reliable results, while enabling full use of the glass pH meter's automatic temperature compensation facility. Includes 'self diagnostics', auto shut-off, a low battery warning, easy one-button operation for calibration and a led for on/off function.






IntelliProbes are available in five different probe designs and come with either a BNC or DIN connector. Although all are suitable for general pH testing, each is tailored for specific types of applications.

Hot-Line gel reference probes are for demanding applications up to 105° C. The Hot Line LanceFET Intelliprobes for measurements in meat, fish, etc. can be used in temperatures up to 60° C.

Stream-Line flow-type reference probes incorporate a specially thickened KCl solution for a constant reference liquid outlet. Stream-Line probes are great for both low-conductive and pure water applications as well as highly concentrated or polluting samples.


Intelliprobes are virtually unbreakable, lightning gast and can be stored dry. The clog-restistant sensing area is easily cleaned using a simple toothbrush and requires minimal routine maintenance.


These probes are availible in 6 probe tip desings:


  • Standard Hot-Line
    Best suited for general purpose applications. The cut-out tip design allows testing of single drop samples.
  • ConeFET Hot-Line and Stream-Line
    These are ideal for measuring pH in tick, dirty or sticky samples upto 105oC.
  • SurFET Hot-Line and Stream-Line
    In this probe the ISFET pH sensor and reference junction are mounted on the distal end of the probe making direct surface measurements quick and easy.
  • LanceFET
    The pointed stainless steel tip of this probe allows easy penetration in dense, very viscous samples and semi-solids. Ideal for meats and cheeses.

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